CES 2021: the first wireless television

A Russian start-up has launched a television with a power supply without cable. This system, based on magnetic resonance, allows the TV set to be moved about 1 meter away from its power supply module.

In margin of the novelties put forward by the different TV manufacturers during CES 2021 (Consumer Electronics Show), there are the concepts. LG has gone all out to present transparent screens that can be integrated into glass partitions or even into an "intelligent" bed, for example. The concept of a Russian company called Reasonance also stood out at this 100% virtual edition of the CES.

This is a television set that is completely cable-free, even for its power supply. Cutting the data supply wire to make it pass through the waves is one thing… doing the same with the power supply is much more problematic. Thus, Samsung had launched in vain into this adventure as early as 2019. Its magnetic resonance process could not deliver enough energy for the TV to work properly.

Today, Reasonance explains that he has managed to find a solution by improving this process. At the back of the TV is a receiver coil. A second transmitter coil, which is connected to the mains, is placed about 50 cm away from the TV set, with a maximum distance of almost one meter. The two modules do not have to be facing each other for this to work.

To hide this module, it could be placed in a wall. The only snag is that the technology does not deliver more than 120W. With this power, it is not possible to power large screens. Thus, the concept unveiled by Reasonance was limited to 40 inches diagonal. On the other hand, the company claims that this magnetic resonance technology could be 90% more cost-effective than those currently available. It could be exploited for other products, such as drones, robots and even electric cars.

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